16er Buam – The Wienerlied (The Viennese Song)


We gently continue with what we took over from our ancestors.

We do not renew.

We do not modernize.

We play the old, long known songs from Vienna the way we
have learnt it and the new songs the way they were written.

We love the traditional, modern and lively “real” folk music of

And those we play out of passion, delight and responsibility.

The Wienerlied is alive!


Coming from the 16th Viennese district Ottakring, the traditional duo started their career in 1994. Meanwhile, they belong to the most popular musicians in the field of the Wienerlied. In addition, they are known for being sincere composers and interpreters of modern Viennese world music. Consequently, they have become well known international representatives of Austrian world music at concerts, fairs and various other events.

Their well-established musical repertoire ranges from ancient Viennese songs to new tracks and own compositions. The line-up of the contra-guitar (Schrammel guitar) and chromatic button accordion, on the one hand, helps to maintain originality of the old songs and on the other hand, leads to unconventional interpretations of new ones. They are approaching the old Viennese songs respectfully, while they work their way curiously and playfully towards the new Viennese world music.

Patrick Rutka

Autodidact, characterized by Viennese pubs

Learns the diatonic Styrian accordion as a five
year old from his grandfather

Learns the chromatic Viennese Schrammel
accordion at the age of 15 by himself

A lecturer in great demand and teacher for
button accordion

Guest-speaker at Vienna University

Private research in the field of folk music, button
accordion and ecological life-style


Klaus Steurer, BA

Autodidact, influenced by the Austrian
Heuriger (special type of wine tavern)

Learns how to play the guitar at the age of 12
by himself

With 16 he was captivated by the Viennese
contra-guitar; excursions in the art of rock
and jazz

Runs contra-guitar workshops at various music

Bachelor of Arts in cultural sciences at the
University of Vienna

Main focus of research: dowsing, geomancy &
other areas of fringe studies




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